The club encourages the following disciplines which are supported by the NSRA and the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) which governs the Olympics and international shooting.

LIGHTWEIGHT SPORT RIFLE: This discipline is shot from a standing unsupported position at a target 20 yards away.

BENCHREST RIFLE: As the name implies this discipline is shot from a seated position, the advantage of the rifle being supported is limited by the reduced target size which is 25 yards away.

Both the sport rifle and benchrest disciplines can be shot with either a .22” rim-fire cartridge rifle or air rifle. Many of the club members chose to avoid the applying for a firearms certificate and instead compete successfully using an air rifle. Within local competitions, separate leagues are dedicated to the more traditional and low cost ‘springer’ air rifles, appealing both to the bank balance and nostalgia.


AIR PISTOL: A specialist air pistol is used for this Olympic discipline which is shot from a standing unsupported position one-handed.

AIR RIFLE: A specialist low powered air rifle is used for this Olympic discipline which is shot from a standing unsupported position. Telescopic sights are not permitted.

PRONE RIFLE: This discipline uses a specialist .22” rim-fire cartridge rifle shooting at a target 25 yards away. 

All shooting disciplines have adaptations for less able shooters, for example instead of standing, a seated position is permitted.

The following shooting disciplines are not supported:

  • Long barrelled pistol, due to the constraints of the range safety certificate.
  • The shooting of BB & Airsoft guns because they are not recognised by the NSRA/ISSF.